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Leadwood Private Camp

Journey with the heart into the spectacular home of Leadwood Private Camp. Place of magic, mystery and awe. A place where time stands still a place where hearts and souls connect and minds are still. Nocturnal animals call from a far and answered from near. Chameleons and gecko's bathe in the sunshine and birds claim the skies. Place where lions are kings, and leopards, mighty silent warriors and where hyena laugh and fool around and elephant's trumpets and stroll.

Welcome to Leadwood Camp where you will experience all the splendours Mother Nature has to offer. . Wake up to an authentic African bushveld sunrise and be greeted with the sounds and true sights of Africa.

The Timbevati is inspiring; breathe taking and spectacular, whether viewed, by game drive vehicle, on foot or by air. The magic of the Timbevati remains close to the heart.

Until the next visit...